110v Remote Switchable Power Control Box (For MM-1000/Dremel/Dewalt/WoodBurning Pen)


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    The Remote Switchable Power Controller now allows you to turn the MM-1000, Kress, Dewalt, Dremel or Proxxon spindles on and off remotely via the G Code so they start and stop with the job on your STEPCRAFT.

    The Remote Switchable Power Controller connects to the signal output (15-pin Sub-D) of the mainboard from STEPCRAFT 300 / 420 / 600 / 840. The device switches the mains voltage via relay. It is used to switch the electrical equipment automatically on and off.

    Usage of the Switchable Socket has two main advantages: 1. The electrical device will be switched on and off automatically with starting and ending of the CNC-program. The device is only running during operation of the machine. 2. In case of emergency the operation of the electrical device, e.g. the spindle, stops immediately, too, with pushing the emergency-stop switch of the STEPCRAFT system. The risk for persons and material damages is reduced.

    This device is also good to use with the WoodBuring Pen attachment as it will turn the power to the pen off when the job is finished, thus reducing the possibility of ruining the pen due to prolonged overheating.

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