STEPCRAFT M.1000 Black Edition (Machine Only)

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    The M.1000 Black Edition is a limited-edition CNC system with an elegant black design.  We are only producing 200 units so they will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

    You might be asking, "What makes the Black Edition M.1000 better than the standard M.1000?"  Power and Speed.  The Black Edition M.1000 is capable of up to 40% more travel speed compared to the standard M-Series lineup - this makes it one of, if not, the fastest desktop CNC on the market.

    From Freestyle Milling to two different machine table heights, the STEPCRAFT M-Series offers features never seen before.  This makes the STEPCRAFT M-Series the most mobile and versatile CNC router in the world.

    With the STEPCRAFT M-Series, you can easily process floors, large sheet material, or even existing furniture.  All of the machine accessories from the D-Series are also compatible with the M-Series so you can get your creativity going using your CNC router for milling, laser-engraving, cutting, 3D printing, or engraving. This makes the M-Series line of CNC systems perfect for Schools, workshops, maker spaces, and light production facilities. 

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    To see all of the details about the features of the M.1000 Series CNC system you can CLICK HERE.