G-Code Wizard Feeds & Speeds Calculator (1 year subscription - PODCAST SPECIAL)


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    Get Speeds and Feeds in seconds

    Getting good Speeds and Feeds is quick and easy: Fill in the blanks left to right, top to bottom and
    G-Wizard instantly returns the best
    Spindle Speed and Feed Rate.

    Super simple for Beginners, powerful and flexible for Pros. Plus, the best training materials anywhere free with the product.

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    Figure the Best Cut Width and Cut Depth

    How do you know when you’ve got the best Cut Depth and Cut Width? These two parameters matter more than almost any other for best Speeds and Feeds.

    G-Wizard will find the best combination to keep tool deflection under control while maximizing Material Removal Rate. No other software can.

    Adjusts to Your Needs

    Are you looking to maximize tool life or material removal rates? Do you have a small CNC machine or a big industrial machine? Are you trying to hog out a bunch of chips or achieve the best possible surface finish?

    G-Wizard makes it easy to dial in exactly
    the results you are looking for.

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    Speeds and Feeds for Wood

    G-Wizard has over 1000 materials in its Materials Database, including hundreds of species of wood. It individually adjusts feeds and speeds for each wood species you select to get the best results.

    Tool Types Especially for CNC Routers             

    G-Wizard handles more tool types than other software can. Best of all, it has built-in support for the special cutter bits common to CNC Routers such as Downcut, Compression, and Straight Flute cutters.


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    CAD/CAM Wizards: An Expert in the Box

    How often do you get to experiment with hundreds of different feed and speed combinations to find the best one for your job?

    CADCAM Wizards will do that for you automatically in a matter of seconds and without asking too many questions. It’s like having a machining expert sitting at your shoulder telling you the right combination for the win–another G-Wizard first!

    Extensive Tool Crib & Tool Coverage

    G-Wizard Calculator handles more different kinds of tooling than any other Speeds and Feeds Calculator.

    Import and Export tables from CSV files, use Manufacturer’s Recommended Data, define tool geometry, and use dozens of tool types for Mills, Routers (special router cutters handled) and Lathes.

    End Mill Speed and Feed: Coatings (including PCD) & Geometry (Ballnose, Upcut, Downcut, Compression, and more)

    Drill Feeds and Speeds: Carbide, HSS, and Parabolic

    Turning and Lathe Tools

    Reamers, Saws, Woodruff Cutters, Corner Rounders, Tapping, Thread Mills, and Boring Heads

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    High Speed Machining Calculator 

    High Speed Machining. It’s almost magic the way it increases productivity while saving tool life.

    But figuring HSM feeds and speeds can also take magic, unless you have G-Wizard Calculator.

    Feeds and Speeds for HSM are easy. Chip Thinning, Adaptive Clearing, and Trochoidal Milling are covered. It evens tells you how much to slow down in corners for non-HSM toolpaths.

    Speeds and Feeds Charts: Obsolete

    Throw away those old speeds and feeds charts and pdfs.

    A chart is only 2 dimensional. It takes multiple charts to cover maybe 3 or 4 dimensions. They give you ranges that are tough to interpret when you just want the answer.

    G-Wizard’s cutting physics engine considers nearly 60 variables. No chart will ever do that!

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    Tame Chatter in Machining

    Chatter is a fact of life in production work. It kills tools and drives you crazy.

    G-Wizard gives you a comprehensive tool kit to tame machine tool chatter. Calculate optimal spindle speeds to minimize it. Track it in your Cut Knowledge Base to avoid it on future jobs.

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    Stop Part Pop Off from Vacuum Tables

    If you use a vacuum table you know what a pain it is when your parts pop off the table. G-Wizard has the ability to provide feeds and speeds that limit cutting forces based on your part so it won’t pop off.

    Quit scrapping parts because they pop off your vacuum table!

    Easy for Beginners, even with small CNC Routers

    G-Wizard is not just for Pros, we’ve got beginners and hobbyists covered too.

    G-Wizard has the exclusive ability to adjust feeds and speeds to compensate for the lower rigidity of entry-level CNC machines.

    G-Wizard Calculator has machine profiles for the Carbide3D Nomad and Shapeoko already built-in. You can modify these for the specs of your own CNC Router–even DIY Routers. Plus G-Wizard will adjust feeds and speeds to account for the rigidity of
    your machine. No more one size fits all feeds and speeds!.

    Plus, we offer free training courses, built in Getting Started Tours, Examples, and much more. CNCCookbook is the world’s most comprehensive free online information resource for CNC’ers. Take advantage of it with G-Wizard!

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