STEPCRAFT-2/D.600 Black Edition (Kit) w/o Spindle

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STEPCRAFT is the universal CNC model-making machine for creative professionals, hobbyists, crafters and more.

- T-Slot Table perfectly suited for clamping workpieces of different materials and sizes as well as accessories
- Quick Release Lever provides a quick and comfortable exchange of the tools
- Tool Length Sensor to easily locate the Z-zero point
- LED Illumination ensures an optimal illumination of the workspace
- Quick-change system for the exchange of the machine table
- Adjustable lead screw nuts service to easily reduce the mechanical backlash
- 2A stepper motors from Sanyo Denki with more powerful electronics
- 3.5 mm jack socket for easy connection of the Tool Length Sensor or, if applicable, the 3D Touch Probe
- In-house development of black STEPCRAFT aluminum profiles
- Integrated modular control electronics for an easy connection to the computer via USB or parallel interfaceStable, compact, accurate and fast
- Many accessories and add-on tools available
- Works with a large variety of materials, including woods, plastics and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper)
- The kit is fast and easy to assembly (no special tools or skills required)
- Also available as Ready-to-Run (for an additional charge)
- Strong, rigid construction
- Highly accurate, thanks to high quality, precision components that are matched and test fit at the factory.
- Compact and space-saving machine design
- Easy USB connection to PC
- STEPCRAFT designed and manufactured the custom aluminum extrusions that provide superior torsional rigidity and functionality
- Connecting elements made of stainless steel and aluminum
- 8-point ball bearing carriage on all axles/linear profiles
- 4 track roller guidance
- High-precision lead screws from Switzerland
- Play-free movement of the carriages (continuous adjustability, freely accessible externally without disassembly)
- Maximum working speed of 3000 mm/min (50mm/sec)
- Inspection covers on the Y-axis for easy maintenance and care
- Silicone seals used to protect the mechanism from dirt on the Y-axis
- Quick-change system allows you to switch from one application to the next in seconds
- Integrated workpiece clamping system for plate materials with a thickness of up to 15mm
- Flexible tool holder through Ø 43 mm clamping collar, optional adapters available for Dremel, Proxxon, Dewalt DW611, and Bosch Colt
- Modular control electronics with standard USB port. Parallel port and 4-axis are optional
- EasyBuild construction manual uses pictures for detailed step-by-step assembly of the CNC-/3D-Desktop System
- Can be assembled in a few hours
- Our control software has been specifically designed to be easy for the novice, but to have all the functionality for the professional user
- Compatible with a variety of NC control software including UCCNC (Included with each machine), WinPC-NC, LinuxCNC and Mach 3/4
- Engineered and Manufactured in Germany with Support, Parts and Service in Connecticut, USA.