Dustin Hill - Burkett Family Custom Knives, Burkett Customs

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Dustin Hill - Burkett Family Custom Knives, Burkett Customs
Stepcraft .Inc, Erick Royer
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Dustin Hill is a 20-year service decorated retired Police/Narcotic/K9 handler who is also a master rescue recovery diver, who still does underwater dive rescue body recovery.   "After being diagnosed with PTSD from my career needed to make a change.", Dustin explained.  He already had a small business making knives for police and military and at the time was making 1911 firearm grips by hand, but he knew there had to be a way to expand on his craft.  "I did hours of research and spoke to many companies trying to decide on a CNC system that would meet my needs.  I was drawn to STEPCRAFT, because they treated me like a member of their family from the very first phone call. They were fast to respond to all my needs and the multi-functionality of their CNC systems gave me the ability to do much more than simply cutting materials," Dustin went on to say, "I have never worked with a company that provided the level of support and genuine caring for me as the customer that the team at STEPCRAFT."

Jumping ahead two years and Dustin now has a Stepcraft D.840 and D.300 with Laser, Milling Bath, T-Slot table, 4th Axis, and Automatic Tool Changer.  "I have made some knife handles and gun grips owned by musicians and used in movies. Because of this, I went from 300 Instagram followers to over 6000 with one of my companies and 99,000 with Dark Alliance Firearms who I make parts and gun grips for.  My company and I could not be happier with our machines.  Since we have expanded we added a resident CNC design genius Petri Asikainen to our team and we feel now that the sky is the limit."    

How To Contact Dustin

Instagram - Burkett Customs - https://www.instagram.com/burkettcustoms/

Facebook - Burkett Family Custom Knives - https://www.facebook.com/burkettfamilycustomknives

Email - burkettfamilycustomknives@gmail.com

Dustin's Gallery

Take a look below at some of the amazing projects that Dustin has created with his STEPCRAFT CNC systems.  He creates truly amazing knife handles using the 4th Axis and works with exotic materials like mammoth ivory. If you have ever wondered what you can create with a small format CNC, Dustin certainly shows some fine examples of what a little creativity, imagination, and desire to create the best possible products for his customer. 

Dustin Hill - Burkett Family Custom Knives, Burkett Customs
Stepcraft .Inc, Erick Royer April 30, 2020
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