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How do I align the Y-axis of my Stepcraft D-Series CNC machine?

Erick Royer

Y-Axis Alignment for STEPCRAFT D.Series Machines

Aligning your Y-Axis becomes much easier with our Y-Axis alignment support videos...

An Example of an Aligned Stepcraft Machine


How to strength-test your Stepcraft CNC


Homing Each Axis

Speed Test



Y Axis Alignment - Disassembling the Y Axis


Y Axis Alignment - Setting your Roller Tension


Y Axis Alignment - Aligning your Lead Screw Nut


Y Axis Alignment - Installing the Front Plate


Y Axis Alignment - Motion System Installation


Y Axis Alignment - Drive Belt Spacing and Installation


Y Axis Alignment - Checking Your Connections


Y Axis Alignment - Final Adjustment and Testing


Y Axis Alignment - Aligning Y manually