Creating The GCode for the STEPCRAFT sample logo file using Vectric Cut 2D or VCarve and Fusion 360

  The following video will show you how to create the Gcode file using Vectric Cut 2D or VCarve.


To learn more about Vectric Post Processors and creating a Favorites list  of post processors, please watch the following video:


The following video will show you how to setup and create the GCode using Fusion 360:



  • Be sure to use a piece of material that is at LEAST 8x8 inches and at MORE THAN 1/8" thick
  • Be sure that if you use clamps that you leave at least 7 inches between the clamps so the end mill does not come in contact with them
  • Place a mark on your work material that is EXACTLY in the center - this is where you will zero your X and Y axis
  • Be sure you are using a 1/8" (3mm) end mill in your spindle
  • The final cut size for the GCode file below is 6x6 inches and will cut 1/8" into the material (measured from the top surface)
  • Be sure to set your Z zero, or the tip of the end mill, to the surface of the work material

The sample files are as follows:

STEPCRAFT LOGO (in DXF form) - Stepcraft-Logo.dxf

STEPCRAFT LOGO (GCode file) - Stepcraft-Logo.txt  (Right click and select "Save File As")

STEPCRAFT LOGO (Vectric File) - Stepcraft-Logo.crv