Lubrication System (for Q.Series and M.Series)

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    The DYNACUT Lubrication System MDMis a lowlow-pressure system with a coaxial spray nozzle for a fog-free coolant application. The coolant is not atomized but dispensed as fine microdroplets into the air stream at the nozzle tip. With virtually all of the coolant being delivered precisely targeted to the tool and the workpiece, a greater cooling and lubrication is achieved along with the avoidance of cooling mist and a minimalization of coolant waste. This is why, the DYNACUT Lubrication System MDM is optimally suited for milling, drilling, grinding and sawing operations as it increases the tool life, improves the surface quality and enables higher cutting speeds.

    In particular, we would like to point out that hazardous substances of any kind, especially substances classified as dangerous according to EC Directive 67/548 / EEC, Article 2, paragraph 2, as well as liquids such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, solutions with alcohol contents of more than 30% gasoline, nitro lacquers and nitro diluents (solvent mixtures for nitro lakes from hydrocarbons and esters) and concentrated acids must not be filled into and distributed with minimal-quantity lubrication systems and components and / or distributed with them.


    • Low-pressure lubrication system
    • Precisely targeted spray
    • No atomization for protection against cooling mist and reduction of coolant waste
    • Operated with an air pressure of 0.3-1.5 bar, depending on the coolant`s  viscosity
    • Input pressure: max. 8 bar

    Scope of Delivery:

    • Coolant container 1.5 liter
    • Spray head 
    • Air line 
    • Liquid line 
    • Mounting angle with control unit  incl. pressure reducer