Upgrade UCCNC to Version 3.7


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    For customers who originally purchased their machine through Stepcraft, please reach out to info@stepcraft.us. There is no cost to upgrade UCCNC for the original purchaser of the machine. Price listed is for customers who have purchased their system 2nd hand.

    ***Upgrade! Only available for existing customers or people who own a 2nd hand machine***

    UCCNC for STEPCRAFT V3.6 with a new look & feel!

    The latest version of "UCCNC for STEPCRAFT" features numerous new functions. Thanks to the new, fully automated installation routine, all machine series profiles, machine types, and supported CNC tools (milling motor, laser, 3D print head, oscillating tangential knife) can be selected and configurated directly during the installation process.

    Additionally, the user interface of UCCNC for STEPCRAFT V3.4 has been redesigned and features lots of new functions:

    • Approaching predefined machine points (front left, center machine table, center rear as well as three individual configurable positions) 
    • Incremental and absolute moving of the machine via coordinate display
    • Double home all of the machine's reference positions (fast, slow) for increasing the precision of the machine zero point
    • Automatic support of the 3D touch probe, e.g. for workpiece edges identification, and center point determination when working with various outer and inner contours
    • Function for center point determination of the 4th axis using the tool length sensor  
    • Functions for easier operation of the automatic tool changer, such as manual exchange, automatic offset determination    
    • Identifying contours for job preparation, e.g. to be able to mill a 2D engraving into a cylinder
    • Warm-up routine for all machine types
    • Activation / Deactivation of enclosure safety measures