Tool Length Sensor TS-32 (D & M-Series)

Tool Length Sensor

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    Tool Length Sensor

    The Tool Length Sensor is used to accurately set your tool length and Z-Zero for your jobs.  You install the tool in the spindle and then set the Tool Length Sensor either on the top of your workpiece or on the bed of the machine under the tool.  Pressing a Auto Touch-off button in UCCNC lowers the tool until it touches the sensor and saved the tool height information. 

     Note:  If you want to operate the Tool Length Sensor with UCCNC, please contact for an adjusted M31 macro.

    Technical Specification: 

    • Diameter: 32 mm

    • Height: 33 mm

    • Measure point diameter: 8 mm

    • Accuracy +-0.001"

    • Duty Cycles: 20,000 +

    • Switch: Open or close function

    • Material: Aluminum and brush (hard chrome)

    • Cable length: 6 feet

    • Fixable with two M4 screws

    • Weight: 95 g

      Scope of Delivery:
      Completely assembled tool length sensor w/3.5mm male jack