Q.408 Vacuum Table



This product is no longer available.


When processing large panels of sheet material like plywood and MDF, it is important to ensure the material secured properly to the machine bed.  Clamps can be difficult if the material is not perfectly flat.  This is where a vacuum table comes in.  The Q.408 Vacuum Table has 6 zones and uses an integrated grid system which allows you the most flexibility possible.  



If you want to process a full 4x8 foot sheet of material then you can place a 4x8 foot piece of MDF over the grid as a spoil board and the vacuum will pull the sheet down through the MDF, which is a very porous material.  

If you want to work on smaller parts, you have the ability to position the black cord any way you like in the table grid  around the vacuum port and you can now create custom fixtures to hold parts down to the table.   

Depending on the size of the projects you are working on and you can turn zones on and off to concentrate the vacuum to the specific part of the table that you need.  


The Vacuum Table was designed to be used with a conventional shop vac.  NOTE: we do not recommend a single motor shop vac because they are not designed for this application and can overheat.  However, there are dual motor shop vacs on the market from Fien and Festool that would work well due to having one motor for suction and one for cooling. 

For maximum vacuum power, we recommend the Black Box Hurricane vacuum system.  This unit provides around 400 CFM of air flow where, in comparison, a typical shop vac provides around 90 CFM.