Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for MM-1000, AMB/Kress Spindles

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    Automatic Tool Changer for MM-1000/AMB/Kress Spindles

    With the Automatic Tool Changer for the STEPCRAFT MM-1000 spindle a time consuming manual exchange of tools is no longer required. After once defining the parameters in the machine control software, the magazine is approached automatically. With the use of compressed air, a tool is returned or a new one collected. The supplied magazine can hold up to six tools and is optionally extendable for up to twelve.

    The Tool Changer for the MM-1000 comes with the Switch-Box.

    *If you would like to use your Laser Engraving Head DL445 with the Switch Box also, then you MUST purchase the 2nd Layer module add-on to enable it's connectivity and switch it on/off with the Box.

    **The Automatic Tool Changer is NOT compatible with the Exhaust Adapter without the use of the ATC Tool Magazine with Dust Boot Control**

    Tool holders  with appropriate ER11 collets have to be purchased separately as well as the Switchable Socket which is needed for operating the device.

    NOTE: For MM-1000 (Non DI) spindles, a REMOTE SWITCHABLE POWER CONTROLLER is required to properly interface the ON/OFF function of the spindle. The REMOTE SWITCHABLE POWER CONTROLLER is NOT required for MM-1000 DI (Digitally Interfaced) spindles.

    The TOOL LENGTH SENSOR is required for full use of the Automatic Tool Changer.