3D Touch Probe


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    The Touch Probe device was designed to expand the capabilities of the Stepcraft CNC System by allowing you to be able to precisely locate starting positions for various objects that you wish to machine. Additionally, the Touch Probe can be used to 3D scan an object by systematically locating many points (more or less depending on the accuracy that you set) and creating a 3D “point cloud”. This point cloud can then be brought into software where it can be manipulated and converted into a 3D object such as an .stl file. This file can then be loaded into the Stepcraft CNC and be used to carve and object to create a duplicate model. The Touch Probe can also be used to scan an uneven surface to allow the Stepcraft CNC to cut, carve, or engrave along that uneven surface, i.e. you can engrave text along a curved surface.

    The Touch Probe was designed to work with a Stepcraft CNC running UCCNC software. The Touch Probe can be used with other CNC systems and software but Stepcraft would not be able to support such installations.

    The installation software that comes with the Touch Probe will install several macros and a new screen set for UCCNC. Custom buttons will now appear on the UCCNC screen to manage various functions for the Touch Probe.

    NOTE: This tool requires the following two tool adapters to successfully work on the STEPCRAFT

    Please see this FAQ: http://cncfaq.us/ufaqs/what-is-the-mini-tool-adapter-p-10120-used-for/

    Part # 10120 – TOOL ADAPTER FROM Ø 20 MM TO Ø 8 MM FOR MINI TOOLS – $14.99

    Part # 10107 – TOOL ADAPTER FROM Ø 43 MM TO Ø 20MM (PROXXON)- $19.99

    Alternatively, you can use an 8mm collet in your spindle to attach this, or use a Tool Holder with an automatic tool changer with an 8mm collet.  NOTE:  BE SURE THE SPINDLE IS POWERED OFF if you use this method of attaching the Touch Probe to the CNC

    The 3D Touch Probe is delivered uncalibrated.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Dust- and splash-proof enclosure
    • Exchangable probe tip
    • Gold-plated switch contacts
    • Individually adjustable measuring force
    • Dimensions: Ø 44 mm, length: 53 mm (without probe tip)
    • Probe tip: Ø 2,0 mm, length: 45 mm incl. steel ball

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 1x 3D Touch Probe with 2 m cable