ISO30 Spanner Wrench & Tool Tightening Fixture Combo

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    When you purchase a Q-Series CNC system with a STEPCRAFT ATC-2200 Automatic Tool Changer Spindle, you will need these two components to be able to properly tighten the collet and bit in your ISO30 Tool Holder.   The Spanner Wrench is designed to engage in the teeth on the collet nut so you can get the appropriate leverage to tighten the nut.  The tightening fixture can be mounted to a bench or to the machine's frame.  It has a recess in the center with two flat spots that match up with the flats on the ISO30 Tool Holder.  This will keep the tool holder from spinning while tightening the nut. 

    NOTE: There is no easy or safe way to properly tighten the tool holder without these items.  DO NOT try to tighten the tool holder nut using a common wrench as you will not get the proper tension and you run the risk of the bit loosening up while a job is running.  You will also mark up the surface of the tool holder with the teeth of the wrench.