Paul Cheski, Unique Wood Crafts, LLC.

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Paul Cheski, Unique Wood Crafts, LLC.
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Paul Cheski is a Navy veteran and retired from fire service after 25 years, which 17 years were spent as a firefighter and the remaining years as a fire inspector.  He has since retired from the West Point Military Academy Fire Department In New York State in 2016.

“I have worked with wood my whole adult life, mainly on smaller stuff related to crafts, like wall clocks. Several years ago, I started a small business trying to turn my hobby into an income source, and it has been slow going. In the past, I have always done my woodworking by hand, but I have been interested in the CNC world for a while” stated Cheski. 

“I was first introduced to the STEPCRAFT machines at a model airplane show back in 2018 and was amazed at what they could do. Since that show, I did a lot of searching online to see what brands and models were out there and compare and I kept coming back to STEPCRAFT as being the perfect fit for my applications. I bought my STEPCRAFT D.600 in September 2019. While I have not been doing this for as long as others, I soaked up all the information I could about every aspect of CNC, from software to tool selection.  I spend a lot of time-consuming YouTube videos as my main source of learning and obtaining inspiration from what others are doing.”

“I have always crafted everything by hand and I was excited to add a STEPCRAFT machine to my shop as I knew it would increase my productivity and allow me to offer more to my customers.” 
Paul makes all types of wood projects as you can see from the gallery below.  He especially focuses on working with live edge projects as well as 3D carving, engraving and even laser engraving work, using the STEPCRAFT DL-445 Laser attachment. 

Paul recently decided to purchase a STEPCRAFT Q.204 CNC system so he would have the increased speed and power to be even more productive.  Until the Q.204 arrives he has been using the D.600 and quarantine from the Coronavirus situation to stock up on products to have ready for when he can finally get back out to selling at craft fairs. He is also in the process of setting up a website to sell online, which he is counting on the Q.204 to help him keep up with demand. 

“During this process of purchasing and setting up my machine, Erick, Dawn, Greg, and Hugo at STEPCRAFT were extremely helpful and available to answer all my questions. It can be frustrating at times learning how to use the machine to program and set up the projects I want, but thankfully everyone there has always been patient and knowledgeable, and they have taught me a lot”, Cheski continued.

“I also had the opportunity to visit them in Connecticut on a couple of occasions and was impressed with their facility. They have a lot of examples on display of what they have done with their machines.  You can have an up-close look at the machines they have to offer. Greg and Dawn gave me a tour of the facility including being able to see the Q series machines being assembled. I thank everyone there for helping me solve my problems when they come up and getting replacement parts in a timely manner. 

If you're looking for a CNC machine you should reach out to Erick and he will walk you through what series machine will fit your needs.”

Paul's Gallery

Take a look below at some of the amazing projects that Paul has created with his STEPCRAFT CNC systems. He makes some really amazing 3D carvings with very detailed finishes as well as laser projects in slate.  Paul is a gifted craftsman and even though he has not had a CNC for a very long time, based on his current projects, we can not wait to see what Paul does in the future, especially when he moves into a Q.204 machine.

Paul Cheski, Unique Wood Crafts, LLC.
Stepcraft .Inc, Erick Royer May 3, 2020
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