Amana 1/4" Starter Tool Set (for Wood, Plastic and Aluminum)

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    Amana Tool - 1/4" Shank Starter Tool Set

    The most common cutting diameter for end mills on the STEPCRAFT CNC is 1/8".  This size allows you a lot of flexibility for cutting a wide variety of projects.  Amana Tool is known as one of the best cutting tool manufacturers in the world, and we selected our favorite three 1/8" diameter end mills to get your CNC journey started.  This set includes three cutting tools, all with 1/4" shanks.  This shank diameter is compatible with the HF-500 Spindle, MM-1000 and the Kress 800 FME.  The larger shank size creates a more stable tool with less deflection.  Each tool is tapered down to 1/8" cutting diameter.   All three tools feature Amana's Mirror Finish, giving you the cleanest cuts possible.   

    Why the "O" Flute?
    Because a CNC router tends to run at a much higher RPM (10,000-25,000) and at these higher speeds you need fewer flutes to ensure that you have proper chip evacuation.  If you use more flutes then you usually need to run at a slower RPM which is not always possible on a CNC router.  Single "O" flute end mills allow you to run fast with proper chip evacuation.

    The Starter Kit includes the following three tools:

    AMANA TOOL 51454 - Single "O" flute designed for fast, clean cutting of soft metals such as aluminum, brass or copper

    AMANA TOOL 51411 - Single "O" flute designed for clean cutting of plastics like acrylic, Lexan, etc. Leaves a mirror finish with no melting (with proper feed/speed settings)

    AMANA TOOL 46333 (Replaced 46100) - 2 flute Up-Cut designed for clean and fast cutting of hard and soft wood, plywood, MDF and other composites